nicolas de Barquin

my exploration on minisite github

What exploration?

Well, I see myself as an explorer more than anything else, I had and still have the chance to do what I want and what I feel right. I love sci-fi, space… the last frontier and shit, I love the simplicity of our complex nature… but today, what is left to explore? Except if you have a shitload of money, I mean.
I think there is still very much to explore in humans capabilities, what we forgot about us and the small sparke of curiosity we, for most of us, have buried under a thick layer of adulthood.

okok ok, so.
I want this github-page to be my portfolio but also an example on how it could very usefull for myself first and simple to share knowledge and colaborative good pratices whitin github. Most of makers I met, don’t want to learn github because (a lot of different shady excuses) but they just don’t see the point to learn github, it’s hard, it’s not logical (yet) and they don’t code (they think), so it’s just filed as “not for them” and “to hard” and stored in their “I can’t do it” drawer.

Yes, you can! Just ask to Shia if you can’t do it, let’s see what he has to say about it.

And this is how it can be a first use for you.
I didn’t know neither how to, but after learning a bit of github, a bit of markdown and then creating my own free simple website. Ok, it’s not easy but not very hard. But look Marty! Now, I’m able to understand how to collaborate with other projects and meet more people all arround the world. Because you are my friend, you’ll be never alone again, so come on! It’s time to get schwifty!