How to contribute


– WARNING, this is a frenchglish test. Est-ce que ça fait sens? –

Ho, hi there.

First off, thank you for considering contributing to what I do. J’ai de temps en temps des propositions d’aide and yes, I need help.
I don’t know everything and I galère souvent sur des sujets qui dépassent mes compétences, je continue in a “learning by doing” mode.
But it’s still difficult to me de trouver les moyens de définir, lister, I don’t know… How to define the help I need.

Ce site est un exercise et une exploration à ce sujet. I’m using github to host the website and it give me, and you, the ability to contribute (if you’re willing to take the small time needed to learn how)

Why do people contribute to open source? Plenty of reasons!

  • Improve existing skills
  • Meet people who are interested in similar things
  • Find mentors and teach others
  • Build public artifacts that help you grow a reputation (and a career)
  • Learn people skills
  • It’s empowering to be able to make changes, even small ones

source: why contributing?

How can you contribute?

First, you can follow the guide to become an Openfab superUser.
La partie github en tout cas.
Ce qui permet déjà de participer au travers des issues github.

Ensuite, there is this kind of framework I’m trying to install:
Lors de la création d’une issue,

  • tjs commencer par une part de contexte,
  • proposer des objectifs et une ou plusieurs pistes pour les atteindres.
  • et énoncer votre intérêt.
### context
## Objectives
## Propositions
## your rewards

The rewards could be simple as a “thank you”, some credits, a new skill learned or even some extra loot for another project.

My point is that outside an amount of money, it is not easy to clearly define the value of help. Well, money neither actually….
And sure, I’ll be happy to receive it (the help… and also money) but I would like to know what make you happy to help me, and maybe do more of what make us happy together.

What kinds of contributions I’m looking for.

Bien, cela peut-être n’importe quoi où vous vous sentez motivé d’aider, suivant vos propres forces.
Here, I managed to list automatically posts on what I could need help. If you found something you’re willing to learn, to help, to do, to… anyway.
My goal is to create as much opportunities as possible to barter a win/win deal situation with you.

for more : What it means to contribute?