“As fabmanager, if you have time. You ain’t doing it right!”

Managing a makerspace can be overwhelming at time… the tools, the people, the finance, the customers, helping, repairing and cleaning after everyone.
… I now understand, mum. I’m sorry.

My question was then:

“how to involve and empower the community?”


First, I choose to do it myself and to keep the fablab independent from the hell of filling forms, reports and all theses shenanigans.
Less papers is good for the planet and less time lost on BS tasks for me.
I built the tools from open-sources kit, from that, I learned a lot. How to build them, to repair them and more especially, I learned how to customize them to my need.

But as the lab grew, I needed to delegate tasks but to who? And more difficult was to find the right expertise.

So I thought about badges to validate skills learned in the lab.
Then I discover that people want to help, but they actually don’t know how. And teaching is just more tasks on top of my already long list.

So I thought about documentation to guide and share common knowledge, but documenting is hard.
And at the end, everything was standing on:
We want to work together, but we didn’t learn how to. It’s too hard, man.

Tools are an obvious part of the lab but there is also all the small invisible things we need to do to sustain an activity like a fablab. (iceberg syndrome)

A lot of things also who doesn’t fit our specific needs. So if it’s not working well or doesn’t make sense, change it, adapt it until it fit like a tailor made solution for you.

Secondly, we are all different, we all have different experiences, cultures, skillsets and different goals.
This is WHY we need to do things together.

Because, I believe that everybody is a noob for another.

“Homo homini noob est.”
c’est de moi, je viens de la recycler, merci Thomas Hobbes :wink:

I want to offer an opportunity to learn by doing. Learning what you need, when you need it, with the help of others (or not).
You will find no teachers but mentorship, the peer to peer learning way.
Then it’s not about to please the fabmanager, your mentor or even your mum (well, I guess mum is ok) … the only judge is you, be true to you and treat yourself.

It’s time to see fablabs and makerspaces as places where we can start from the beginning, grow new skills. Like in a Role Player Game, earn XP and more importantly, levelup yourself with the help of your community.
Learn to make things FOR YOU FIRST, something that you’ll be proud of.


Through the fablab, I believe in a path who will lead you to get better at what you do.
We’ll use hightech tool to develop ideas and project by yourself, then you’ll see it’s actually more a way to hack your brain to learn how to do more stuff, develop your skills and understand better your surroundings.

And this path will also help you to work in a group, building ambitious projects together. You are the living cell working in a multicellular being.


Je veux boucler le contenu de notre manifesto, faut que ce soit commun, faut que ça représente le lol qu’on a en nous. J’ai mis 10 lignes mais ça peut être un peu plus ou un peu moins. Relisez depuis le début de cette issue. Je suis repartis de la proposition de Yannick, et j’ai relevé des points intéressant sur des manisfestos ailleurs. Mais il faut que ça nous représente, et leur mise en forme de ces concepts est bcp trop sérieuse. C’est chiant à lire leur brol, non!? il faut que nos valeurs connectent et rebondissent sur des concepts et références de la culture du web, des gifs, des séries, de la nostalgie des vieux jeunes geek qui ont grandit avec un C64 dans leur chambre et construit de leur main nue le futur d’aujourd’hui. Je veux pas non plus qu’on parle de noir/jaune/rouge, de jeune ou vieux ou qu’on soit venu en bateau, à vélo ou encore de nos suites de lettres préférées, FGTB, LGBT, COGIP, tout le monde s’en fou, tout le monde sera bienvenu. Le seul filtre se fera au travers de ce qu’on fait, de ce qu’on partage comme valeurs.

Attention: moment culture

SYNTONIE, c’est être dans un état de résonance avec son entourage.

syntone adjectif (grec suntonos, qui est d’accord avec) Se dit d’un sujet qui a tendance à vibrer en harmonie avec le milieu dans lequel il se trouve.

Tel le poste de radio qui entre en résonance avec la fréquence écoutée. On choisit son poste, sa fréquence en fonction de ses goûts, chacun fait se qu’il lui plait-plait-plait. Si t’aime pas, tu zap, easy.

Je suis convaincu qu’on peut faire passer toutes nos valeurs au travers de quotes qu’on kif. (xtra crrr pour les futurs membres qui retrouvent toutes les sources :grin: ) Est-ce qu’on ferai carrément pas un manifesto en image? et en gif pour le site. D’ailleurs, un gif vaut toujours mieux qu’un long discourt. (merci Leo)

Par exemple: j’aime la raison que m’a apporté @Lisa-oraa concernant le “pourquoi openfab pour son stage” Lisa, tu pourra préciser si je résume mal:

- C’est grace à la cover de la page facebook! cover2

bim … c’est vrai qu’elle est cool.

I’ll put this over here, with the rest of the fire. I’ll put this over here, with the rest of the fire. Yes! Yesterday’s jam. That is what we are to them!… Actually, that doesn’t work, as a thing, because, you know, jam lasts for ages. How long have you been disabled? Ten years? Ten years, and how did it happen? If that’s not a rude question.


this is a work in Progress, loading ….

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