Me and myself

To simply put, I never pictured myself as an employee.
I had some jobs as student or freelance but I could never stay on the same task, doing all my life the same kind of job.
Then, later, I eared about “Multipotentialist” and understand that was exactly why I changed 3 times of courses/fields of study (Agronomy>Landscape Architect>3D/special FX) then worked in fields like interactive gaming, cinema and even in aerospace tech within a startup.
So at some point, the “no cure, no pay” condition, the precarity of the job and/or having to accept “BS” projects, all of that triggered my EPIC wake up call.

I never cared about money, it is a necessity. But I need to be free to decide what matter most in my life, and to act accordingly, guided by MY values which, I discovered later, are shared along a bigger and global community of makers, whatever their country or culture.
“I’m part of something”, I understood that, I learned a lot from this community but online only, I was still alone.

So I started mine. Organically. On my own money and time. Learning by doing myself from opensource resources. Growing my own skills.
Slowly, I opened to others, do more together, having more tools, more place and new challenges.

it’s been 7 years now, my goal is still the same, simple: How to make a job from what I love to do?
How to find my way into that massive ball of unknown, and my way to live from this wonderful activity.

There is a huge potential into any community of makers, I know that, I see that. Because I learned so much but there is still so much to learn, I became more autonomous,
But still,
To go further on my path, I need others.

And It’s like I found this beautiful thing deep in the forest, and I’m like “hey guys! Come see here, I found something!… Guys?”
The forest grew back beside me, I didn’t document how I got there, and I forgot myself how I did too.

How to mark the path? How to help members of the fablab to level up and find also this beautiful thing?

Do you feel that sweet power in your hand?
This is the feeling of EMPOWERMENT!

credit bouletCorp


this is a work in Progress, loading ….

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