RetroGaming Arcade Bartop

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Alerte générale!


They asked that last year already, and the barTop is still in the same shape. Which is… kind of… an old crapy work-in-progress.


It’s time to pimp it up.

Start with an upgrade of the front panel


I measured and redraw everything in inkscape to produce files for laser engraving. I have tested and adjusted the position of holes and I add the name and design.



Engraving, gluing, clamping and wait overnight.

Then some finishing and sanding. image

Better hinges and reassembling everything back in his place.

A cover for the sound system

Again, measuring and design + disassemble plastic speakers
image image

Nice surprise with the pattern engraved, when varnish is applied, it create a nice bark-ish texture and some volume. Very interesting on the touching.

note: 3 layers and 3h to dry between each. I used 1000:10 for engraving then 2500:20 for filling

Sides, the pain in the basement.

Since I don’t have any drawings for that. I fail to measure it accurately.
Each time, I taped together some A3 paper sheets to cut and test the template and I was off.


I measure it, I tried to take an imprint (kind of lithography) then scan it, I took a picture also and tried to merge everything down. This gave me something to work with. mhe, good enough

So, engraving and cutting both sides. It took a wile, 4h of lasersaur later, I screwed the sides in place and flushed the edges with the right router bit.

Julien helped on his side to add and setup a new shutdown button. He updated the distribution also and selected a new set of games. #teamwork!

Zoup, Job Done.


So, to conclude.

From a hand-made arcade cabinet with no drawings to refer to.
A design from scratch.
And a electronic full checkup.
It took a full week, 5 days @450€ htva. 4 to 6h of laser engraving and cutting (included) = 2250€
+ Backoffice and finishing products. Let's say this is a job at 2500€ htva.

It could be perfect as a teambuilding workshop. To build it as a team, with your own-made swag, and to be proud to play on it at the office. TEAMWORK! :D

note: this post is linked to this issue, feel welcome to contribute.