Un tool = une place

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Since I decided to use this color code in the lab, we clean the lab, installed some extra shelving etc… I had some plastic boxes to organise the tools. But, like sausages and breads, they never match together.
So I had these nice boxes and I could not put 4 on a shelve, it’s more likely 3.85 boxes per level. And, and, of course, boxes doesn’t fit in length.
Ok then…


lasercutting MDF 3mm

source: Brico

First off.
Mini check for the kerf parameter, it’s the right adjustment to compensate the cut.


Then we can propagate on the full drawing.
I used this extension for Inkscape > TabbedBoxMaker

And after some Inkscape magics, voilà, I’m ready to cut my boxes


Matière type focus feed (mm/min) Power (%) pass
MDF 3mm gravure on middle 1500 20 1
MDF 3mm cut on middle 600 40 1

~15min per box and it fit on 1/8 of a standard sheet of mdf (= 610x610mm) so, maybe 1.5€ + 10€ for laser each.

Glue everything together with wood white glue. It take maybe 5 min each.


Well, it’s the easy and lo-tech part. Sooo relaxing, I like that, it’s quite, it’s soothing, it’s like meditation.

  1. white acrylic paint, au rouleau. 1 layer, it don’t need to be perfect. zoup zoup. Let it dry.
  2. masking some lines with tape then spray with Orange fluo. Pchhht, Pchhht. Let it dry, and asap, take off the tape. You don’t want left over from the tape on your paint.
  3. masking face and paint with Olive green. Same same.
  4. Use your best handwriting with Yellow pencil (I’ll use acrylic pen, likely Posca)

Final touch


I design some rails so boxes will slide in perfectly, with this little feeling (UGE feeling in fact) of satisfaction when the boxe will “snap” right into place.

Fusion360 link is http://a360.co/2sCdqd6
Print and screw.

tips: start in the middle, then oustide then adjust in between. I made the boxes 152X200X394 so it leave a couple of mm each side.


levelup + 1 Inkscape
levelup + 1 Lasersaur
levelup + 1 Fusion360
levelup + 10 3dPrint

feel like contributing?

  • I need more of them. There is a lot to organize, like screws and electronics. Hooo yeah, Could be your way to earn some badges, futhermucker!
  • I need ideas for blue signs for zones.

note: this post is linked to this issue, feel at ease to contribute.