Color Code

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Openfab is installed here since more than two years, and after some trial and error, I feel we deserve a better organization of tools, to get shelves, boxes, hardware, offices and shit in order.
I’m the main metaUser so I know where stranger things are. But how to help others Users to easily find there way? And more importantly, how can I expect Users to keep the place sorted-out when they left.

We need a color code

I’m a big fan of Tom Sachs
Tom who? Ok, you need to watch this

What I mean by color code?

It’s like road signs, every body know what means a hexagon red sign, a rectangular blue panel, or a round red and white.
The form + a color is a basic and universal language.
It touch our feelings, like Red as danger, Orange or Yellow as warning, Green is safe, etc…

I want to use this in the lab to create 2 level of reading, of information.

  • FIRST, as we enter everyone can see and identify zones by use.
    • lasercutting square
    • electronics bench
    • 3D printers bench + shelves
    • Gen toolings shelves
    • assembly high table
    • coworking table
    • Kitchen
    • Admin and storage

    For that, I’ll use rectangle blue panel with white name as information.
    And some black and yellow tape on the floor to raise awareness and limit safety distance or restricted zones.
    For example:

Also, I want to raise awareness on the things you can interact with, like in video game, things will be highlighted to give you clues on what you can use.
I have painted some boxes and tools pooch in white then taped and paint in Orange fluo, like that:

As a result, I want people see from distance where are things they can use.
They will come closer and then

  • THEN, another level on information, Like
    • sub-categories of tools,
    • screws, tapes,
    • accessories,
    • and shits.

Could be with different colors and white texts.

So First, from a distance, you’ll understand you’ll find something there:

Then, you’ll be able to look for the specific piece of hardware you need:

This is a Work In Progress

I have installed some shelves and now, I made lasercutted boxes and now, I’m testing out some colors and names. I’ll have to paint and make more of these in different height for smaller parts, but I’m quite please for now with the initial result.

Details for making these boxes is reported on this post

note: this post is linked to this issue, feel at ease to contribute.