My first openbadge

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note: this post is linked to this issue, feel welcome to contribute.

In my quest of creating a set of badges for the fablab, I found this website:

from We Are Open Co-op
We found each other working openly. Our co-operative is designed to help others reap the benefits of open learning, open innovation and open communities.

It’s an online course to understand what are these openbadges :) And since I just open my account on, I want to earn my first official openbadge.

Awareness badge.

Earn your first badge
One of the best ways to learn how Open Badges work is to earn your first badge! In this section you’ll apply for, and hopefully earn, the Open Badge Awareness badge.

awareness awarenessJCVD

The challenge is simple, I just have to beat Jean Claude Van Damme by explaining in 250+ words what is my awareness about openbadges.

What Open Badges are?

They are a way to validate the skills you learn, like micro-certification you can brag about on your website, or even to get a job.
It’s like with scouts, you earn a badge to show your experience, skills etc…
But it’s not just a nice looking patch, it describe a lot more, thanks to the metadata embedded into it.

How Open Badges are different from digital badges?

openbadge in french

Ok, it’s not new. There is digital badges since internet exist probably.
But digital badges are exclusively used in specific platforms, it will most probably not be possible to share or use them outside this enclosure, nor to propose new one.

The main differences with openbadges are these metadata and what they are used for.
You don’t need any specific software to decode these data, it’s like exif data on pictures.
And since this extra code is open, shared and standardized, it become easy to read, use, share and create new one.

This is also a way to secure and explain what it mean, who issue it, what’s the criteria to earn it, etc..

Some ways Open Badges can be used

How I foresee to use these in the fablab, is quite obvious, no?
As a fabmanager, I want to delegate some tasks, I want to clearly explain how members can start to use tools by themselves and I want them to teach what they learned.
It’s the right way to reward them and value what they know.

And also, if someone come from an other fablab, they probably already know how to use some machines, so it’s plain stupid to ask them to follow some mandatory introduction.
showmewhat Just show me what you got!
And bim, all the badges with all the proof you need to assess if it’s bullshit or not.