Template for my posts

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That’s cool, for my 8th posts here (not counting pages or quests) I’ll just share some knowledge I gather about a template I feel comfortable using for editing posts.

Here it is:

On top of the post, there is the YAML section who contain specific data to guide jekyll on how to display your post as an html page.

date: 2018/01/05                      # YYYY/MM/DD, nothing special
title: "Template for my posts"        # will show on list and on top of your post.
excerpt: "I blabla bla ...."          # will show on list as a resume
header:                               # to choose which jpg you want to show
  # image: "/assets/images/post/labelgit.png"    
  teaser: "/assets/images/post/trespa-th.jpg"
  # og_image: "/assets/images/post/labelgit.png"
categories:                           # List here the category of this post
  - Post                              # default, Post, Tuto, ....
tags:                                 # List here tags
  - Openfab
  - github
  - superUser

I use tags to list some posts together. Again, nothing new.

Then I use something like that as a base structure. The 3 base elements like in issues.
Always start with a bit of context, then explain what is your objectives and how you’ll target them. 1.Why? 2.What? 3.How?

### Contexte
## Objectif(s)
## Propositions

And as always, you can help me and contribute on this one here