Trip 01.2 - Beograd, Serbia

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27 April

It’s Friday, I wake up probably at 6:00, the sun get up so much earlier than me…
I grab something to cover my eyes and get back to sleep.

Ok, it’s 9 or 10:00, I don’t even give any fuck.


Program today:

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • mmm, and maybe …. nope, nothing.
  • then finishing by …. ho common, what? Nothing? nooooooooooooope.
    Climbing back the slope to the biker’s bar, taking a beer or 2 and write the precedent post.
    A little shopping nearby for food in the evening, then cooking and maybe a couple of episode of “Bravest Warriors”


So, a note about “Nothing”

Of course, I don’t just wait there, looking into the deep Lapis-lazuli of the sky, waiting…
For me, the best nothing is just about to wake up my sens, earing things around, feeling the wind and the warm sun on the skin, smelling the forest, and of course, some shade, a fresh underwear, a nice jar of tea and a good book (“la horde du contrevent”, Alain Damasio)


28 April

I had to clean, organize my bag again, to be ready to leave early enough to arrive at 10:00 for Fabelgrade, in Belgrade Youth Center.
So, instead of that, ^^’
I was asked the day before, at the bar, for helping them during a local action of cleaning the roads.
There’s a big problem of trash, people don’t care enough and the city doesn’t help much ( too few places to dispose of these ) so everything get into the bushes, along the roads, everywhere they can get rid of the shit, whitout effort of course.

help01 help02

I help them an hour, then get back to my schedule near 10:00.
-nothing like warm weather, cleaning yourself naked in the wood and dry yourself in the sun-

I got back at the bar near 12:00, with all the bags and shit, 28/30°C or something, I was dripping from everywhere.

They were all there to drink and eat.
So of course, I stayed a little bit more. Beer+food+rakia and a good laughs later they offer me a special membership card.
Next time, I’ll have a home there, I can come and they will help me for anything I need.
Waw. Nice rewards, people are great, you just need to help them a little bit. #gift economics



Then, once more, they help me to catch the right bus to the city. So long, new friends from Točak (name of the club)


note: If I forgot or misspell somethings, if you have an idea or anything coming in your mind (reading this of course), you can participate on this page by using issues on my github, feel at ease to contribute.