Trip 01.5 - Makerfaire Vienna, Austria

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5 to 6 May


Well, that was fun :)

image more pictures on Vulca’s facebook page

Surfing the wave

At this point, I had a pretty smooth feeling.
I just bought a bus ticket to Belgrade without planning anything and from there, everything came into place.
I caught a ride to Zagreb with Roberto, then again to Vienna. There I met François and catch his ride to where he live and work Roglab, Ljubljana.
My next destination.

It was also a nice opportunity to join the Vulca team for a conference and make new fabmanager friends.


To tell the truth, I’m a bit bored of these events, it’s nice and important and everything but It’s not my first rodeo, and I spend my time in a fablab every days. So there is nothing new for me there.
I made the tour in less than an hour and still had to spend 2 days there, T_T
There was theses guys, I don’t remember the name, they are just some friends making stuff in their garage and they were the best:

image Shitty Iron man pieces of armor

image Quick&dirty booth

nocare1 No shit were given there too.

Special love for the retro arcade game cabinet with just an old TV and a real superNES in a time where everybody is so excited about raspberryPi retro console emulators.
These ones make me laugh, and even if everything was super Quick&Dirty, everything was working.

For me, it is the best kind of examples to show in a makerfaire, where everybody work a lot to show off their best and more perfect project, which I think is quite intimidating for the public.


Please, don’t forget:
A maker learn by doing, and it’s ok to fail. Or to not finish som…

note: If I forgot or misspell somethings, if you have an idea or anything coming in your mind (reading this of course), you can participate on this page by using issues on my github, feel at ease to contribute.