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nicolas de Barquin

I want this github-page to be my portfolio but also an example on how awesomely usefull github can be.

Nicolas de Barquin

Founder @Openfab Maker and fabmanager @Openfab Belgian ambassador @VULCA - European program Explorer and Multipotentialist

Splash Page

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Beer label

1 minute read

Designing a special label for a genuine Openfab Beer

Trip 01.5 - Makerfaire Vienna, Austria

2 minute read

The Americans call it „The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth“, Maker Faire is an inventor’s exhibition, a fun fair and at the same time something completel...

Sacred Economics

2 minute read

Lecture - Charles Eisenstein and the return of the gift

Un tool = une place

2 minute read

Fabrication de caisses custom pour optimiser l’espace de rangement dans les étagères

Trespa à la CNC

less than 1 minute read

Premier job de découpe dans cette matière

Semencier Opase

2 minute read

Design et production de présentoirs à semences

Template for my posts

1 minute read

I begin to find my way into this jekyll thing, here is the template I’m working on

New ROM for TF300T

2 minute read

Recup et installation d’une nouvelle ROM pour Asus Transformer TF300T

first post

less than 1 minute read

My first try to post something in gh-pages


A maker abroad

[Dev] The further we go, the further we are close to everything. Geee, that’s deep, man


[Event] Between science and entertainment - A Collective Youtube night

Fablab Mobile

[Opencall] Fablab mobile & Création technologique pour les jeunes


[Mod] Set rules and techniques who are intended to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery skills

Maker Passport

[Mod] A passport for maker communities, to earn skills and share trust, to explore and meet makers without borders


[Dev] Independent Fablab who aim to a sustainable community of makers by empowering them to pro level

Me and myself

[Dev] Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential

Programme VULCA

[Dev] Vulca will enable the mobility of makers to encourage and increase crossboarder collaboration and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange.


[Opencall] du Contrat de Quartier Maelbeek, Ixelles, Bruxelles


[Opencall] Cultural Hybridization In Common 2016-2017 - Un projet européen de mise en relation, de maillage, d’échange sur les processus créatifs autour de l...